Our Philosophy...

With sensitive care and peer support, grieving children and their families restore themselves and each other and grow in positive, healthy ways. Skilled staff and volunteer facilitators at Gerard’s House create a safe place where any family can come to find acceptance, support and hope.


Our program is based on four principles:


- Grief is a natural reaction to death—for children as well as adults.

- Within each individual is the natural capacity to heal.

- The duration and intensity of grief are unique for every individual.

- Caring and acceptance assist in the healing process.


Our core program service is facilitated support groups in which grief is normalized and supported through interactions with peers and attention and support from caring adult facilitators. Children and youth build trust and express their feelings through group activities that include art, writing, drama, games, free play, group sharing, and memorializing of those who have died.


Concurrent parenting-in-grief support groups are offered for parents and caregivers. Weekly groups for both children and parents are organized by children’s age into eight-week “units,” and when units end, families are always welcome to enroll for one or more following units.


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