Testimonials: As evidenced by feedback from program participants, school counselors, teachers and parents, the Nuestra Jornada pilot project was very successful in providing support and relief to grieving children and teenagers. One Cesar Chavez Elementary School student whose father died told her Communities in School Site Coordinator,


I liked the group because it helped me share my feelings of how I feel about my dad, and [I like] how I can listen to other people who feel bad too.


Another girl in the same group whose mother died said,


Me gusto ir al groupo porque me ayudaron a hablar de mi mama y que tan linda es y como la extraño porque se murio. (I like to go to the group because it helps me talk about my mom and how beautiful she was and how much I miss her because she died).


A Skeptical Teacher is Won Over: A teacher at Cesar Chavez Elementary School who had not been pleased about having her student taken out of class for the group stopped and spoke with our Nuestra Jornada Coordinator after her student had attended the group for 8 weeks. She wanted to let our staff know that the group had helped her student.


My student is in your group and it has been great for him. He used to be difficult to manage, unruly in class and would not do his work. He has settled down and works well now. The group has really changed him. I have seen the difference, and I have to say I am really glad he is in the group.





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